Have you noticed that not everyone on your team works the same way or prioritizes things the same way? That’s because they don’t.  We all have different behavioral styles and no  one style is more effective than another.  As teams, we can become higher performing by understanding the needs of one another and learning how to adapt our styles in order to get things done together.

Everything DiSC Workplace® can be used as a standalone report, be combined with coaching, or with group training that will bring your team together and determine how you can work best together.

With Everything DiSC Workplace® each team member will receive an individual assessment and 20-page comprehensive report that focuses on:

  1. Discovering Your DiSC Style
  2. Understanding Other Styles
  3. Building More Effective Relationships
  4. Understanding How to Read People

View a Sample Report

COST:  $50 for each assessment

Add a 1-Hour De-Brief Coaching Session:  $150 Additional

Combine into a 4-hour training session for your team:  $2,000 additional