In order to lead our teams effectively, we need to know how to understand the members one our team, how to delegate to the effectively, and motivate them. It requires a different approach to do this with different types of people. As a leader, when we can understand the behavioral style of those on our team, we can become a higher performing leader and thus create a higher performing team.

With Everything DiSC® Management, each leader will receive their own individual assessment and 26 page report which focuses on:

  1. Your DiSC Management Style
  2. Directing and Delegating
  3. Improving Employee Motivation
  4. Employee Development
  5. Working with Your Manager

Everything DiSC® Management is a great option for new leaders and can also be combined with coaching or as a half-day leadership development training or even as part of a leadership retreat.

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COST:  $100 for each assessment

Add a 1-hour Debrief Coaching Session:  $150 additional

Create a half-day leadership training:  $2,000 additional