An organizations strategy helps to create the direction for the organizations future.  It shapes priorities and clarifies where the organization must invest in order to achieve their goals.

At Collaborative Dynamics, we can help your organization create your business strategy, improve your existing strategy, or guide you on implementing a strategy that you’ve already created.  Some of the ways in which we can help include:

  • Developing a new strategy for an organization
  • Working to improve or refine a strategy that’s already been developed
  • Ensure the organizations strategy has measures in place for success
  • Serving as a project manager to implement strategic initiatives
  • Surveying and analysis to understand the strategic issues facing the organization
  • Coaching leaders through the strategic planning process
  • Facilitating retreats and meetings to create a sense of urgency and complete key milestones in the process


We follow a comprehensive process for crafting strategy where we first seek to understand your environment and the pressures on your organizations, we understand or work to define your mission and division, what’s key to your organizations success, what’s getting in the way of that, and finally developing a comprehensive plan to address those obstacles.