Look at Change from 4 Dimensions

Leading change in an organization can be difficult and complex and in 70% of cases, change efforts fail to achieve their objectives.  Often times, change is managed in a functional manner – a systems implementation, a process improvement, a culture initiative – and with that we not only miss out on other potential benefits, but we also increase the likelihood of that change effort failing.

For change to be successful, we need to address 4 dimensions as outlined below:

Integrating Change


Take for instance a change initiative to implement culture values within your organization.   Typically, we may look at this project as a Human Capital initiative which includes a lot of internal marketing and efforts to instill those values among employees, however; there is much more that needs to be done to have a fully integrated change effort that can be successful.

In addition to a focus on the cultural dimension, we also need to identify and address how our people need to change which could include training programs, pay, and career development.  We need to address how processes need to change to ensure that they foster and support those values.  And finally, we need to look at our core systems to determine how they need to change in order to help drive and support those values whether they be accountability, compassion, or quality.

To do this means that we need a collaborative effort to drive this change.  Rather than Human Capital leading a culture initiative, you also need to engage operations, IT, and a variety of other stakeholders.  By creating an integrated change strategy, you can avoid confusion, contradicting messages, or incomplete efforts.

To start, here are 4 simple questions that you can ask when embarking on a change effort:

  1. How do people need to change as a result of this effort?
  2. How do our systems need to change to support this effort?
  3. How does our culture need to change to support this effort?
  4. How do our processes need to change to support this effort?

Finally ask, what do we need to do in order to support the answer to those questions.

At Collaborative Dynamics, we can help you answer those questions and many more.  If your organization is going through change, connect with us to today to see how we can get this done, together!



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